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Who is using your Open Access subject guide?

Many small academic libraries across Canada and the United States have developed Open Access subject guides for their websites in order to educate patrons about OA and related scholarly communication issues such as copyright. However, research on how undergraduate students... Continue Reading →


Educating alumni about Open Access: A lesson in targeting your OA engagement approach

When students graduate from college or university, they usually leave behind access to many of their institution’s library resources, and alumni seeking to access a journal or database online through their alma mater’s library website are often surprised when their... Continue Reading →

Small Open Access Week events for small academic libraries

Hosting Open Access Week events is a targeted approach to raising awareness of the Open Access movement — an initiative helping to keep academic libraries relevant in today’s Google age. (Check out my introductory post on Open Access for more... Continue Reading →

A (very brief) intro to Open Access

PhD Comics: "Open Access Explained!" We have reached a critical moment in scholarly communication — particularly in Canada. With the Canadian dollar lower than it has been in years, librarians in the great white north are struggling to stretch their... Continue Reading →

Lessons from flooding in the NYT picture archive

The New York Times published a story last month about a flood that threatened their picture archive, and my heart nearly stopped. Thankfully, it looks like most of the photos will be salvaged, but the article raised an important issue... Continue Reading →

One step forward, two steps back: How libraries and librarianship have changed since the post-WWII era

This 1947 vocational guidance film on librarians depicts a sunny post-WWII librarian which is hardly recognizable today. Aside from the importance of enjoying working with people and books, there is little else that remains the same in the librarianship profession today.... Continue Reading →


Thanks for joining me on this wild ride as I enter the information field! If I have learned anything so far, it is that this field requires constant learning and re-learning as technology and best practices advance. This blog will... Continue Reading →

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