Add to the #WeNeedDiverseMedia List

The plan to create a “diverse media” list

In response to my previous post “The role of librarians in a hateful and divided post-Trump world”, I wanted to deliver something tangible that people could share to help white folks understand their privilege a bit better and escape their echo chambers. It has been a bit of a personal project of mine to diversify my media sources over the past few years, and I thought it would be a great idea to create a list of media sources and resources created by people from marginalized (and often under-heard) communities.

The problems

#1 I am not as woke as I thought

When I started putting together this list, I quickly realized that I didn’t actually follow that many media outlets published by people from marginalized groups. On top of that, the sources I do follow are pretty concentrated. So my list had some pretty huge and glaring gaps.

#2 I don’t belong to most of the communities I sought to represent

While I am interested in trying to elevate the voices of people from marginalized communities, I don’t exactly hold a claim to knowing or understanding which media sources are important to these communities themselves. It felt a bit icky, and so I wanted to try to bring in other people to help identify important and valuable media sources to different communities.

The solution: #WeNeedDiverseMedia List

In order to address some of the issues mentioned above, I decided to create a Google Doc that anyone can add media sources to. I created some guidelines, headings (which might be problematic in their own way, but they are just a start to help people think about the types of media they follow that might be a good fit for this list), and a few resources I follow, but I hope that other folks will add to the list.

So, please, add your favourite media sources to the list so we can all learn from each other and break a little bit away from our echo chambers too.