Marvel’s Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur didn’t receive the same kind of hype as Ms. Marvel did on its debut, but it has quickly found a very soft spot in my heart.

Plot summary:

Issue #1, published in 2015, sets up the relationship between Lunella, an unbelievably bright POC teen with some kick-butt roller skates, and the out-of-this-world characters she has accidentally summoned to earth using a mysterious orb.

Why you should grab a copy:

Readers might relate to Lunella feeling misunderstood or like she is too smart for the students and teachers in her school. Female readers with an interest in science and outer space might particularly see some of themselves in Lunella and her extra-curricular activities.

Part of what personally drew me to the comic was Lunella’s quirky sense of fashion and the anticipated charm of a story where it seems likely that a young girl will befriend a dinosaur (I mean, how cute is that?!) I was also really excited about seeing another POC female protagonist coming from a Marvel property (Hello, #WeNeedDiverseBooks and 1000 Black Girl Books!)

Fast-paced, mysterious, and with some fun science fiction elements, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur is bound to keep you in its orbit.