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Mariko Tamaki does comics!

This has been the year of the Tamakis for me. I was first introduced to Mariko and Jillian Tamaki last fall during my young adult materials class, which had both Skim (written by Mariko Tamaki, illustrated by Jillian Tamaki) and Saving Montgomery... Continue Reading →


Highlights of #OLASC

I attended my second OLA Super Conference in Toronto, ON earlier this month and once again walked away from the conference with the greatest feeling of having finally found my tribe. Attending the sessions and keynotes, mingling with fellow library... Continue Reading →

How I participated in the #WomensMarch

I couldn't attend the local Women's March happening in my city on January 21st because I was working at my library school's library (meta, I know). So, instead, I decided to create a slapdash display of feminist texts, books about women in... Continue Reading →

#WeNeedDiverseMedia List

Add to the #WeNeedDiverseMedia List The plan to create a "diverse media" list In response to my previous post "The role of librarians in a hateful and divided post-Trump world", I wanted to deliver something tangible that people could share to... Continue Reading →

The role of librarians in a hateful and divided post-Trump world

In addition to my reeling shock, disbelief, and re-evaluation of social and political dynamics in North America, a few other things have happened since Donald Trump was named president-elect that have made me take a look at my role as... Continue Reading →

Recommended: Marvel’s Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur

Marvel's Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur didn't receive the same kind of hype as Ms. Marvel did on her debut, but it has quickly found a very soft spot in my heart.

Stop-motion animation tips from a library student who has been there I had the pleasure of creating a book trailer for my Young Adult Materials class, and my project partner (Ada) and I decided to take the opportunity to try our hand at stop-motion animation. It was a fun and... Continue Reading →

Spine Poetry in #LIS9364

I presented a seminar with one of my classmates today on how libraries can support teen creative writing practices in my YA Materials class  (#LIS9364). We got the students to try out some writing warm-ups and had a lot of... Continue Reading →

Small ways to remind patrons about Open Access on your website

There are a number of ‘big-ticket’ ways to promote Open Access to patrons at small academic libraries, such as hosting Open Access Week events or creating an Open Access library subject guide. However, there are also small ways your library... Continue Reading →

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